How Important Is It to Fix a Chipped Tooth?


How Important Is It to Fix a Chipped Tooth?

A chipped tooth can occur due to an injury or accident or from biting into something hard. You can chip a tooth when its become weakened due to tooth decay. This presents both cosmetic issues and challenges to your oral health. The good news is this is a condition that a dentist can repair by using one of a few different methods. You should not have to live with a damaged tooth any longer.

Proper care for teeth

The first thing people should do is to keep up with good oral hygiene. Daily brushing and flossing will strengthen tooth enamel and reduce the risk of decay and gum disease. A strong, healthy tooth is less susceptible to chipping, even under pressure and hard bite forces. Staying away from the habit of biting on pens, fingernails, and other objects will also help to prevent chipping.

Putting it off

Based on the size and location of the damage, the dentist may suggest a particular treatment. The dentist may also determine that treatment is not necessary for non-cosmetic reasons. This may happen if the patient does not have any tooth pain. Failing to treat a chipped tooth has various consequences. There is a chance that the tooth will chip even more or even fracture. This can result in pain and discomfort. It also opens the tooth and root up for more significant problems, including loss. A chipped tooth may also impact the person’s self-esteem.

Treatments: crown or veneer

For a larger chipped tooth, a filling may not be an option and a crown may be required. It fits entirely over the tooth, protecting it and restoring its form. A dental crown can withstand strong bite forces, enabling the person to eat most foods. However, it is wise to be cautious about biting into hard, chewy, and sticky foods. A crown does require the dentist to shave the natural tooth so that the cap fits well.

If the chipped tooth is in the front or a more visible part of the mouth, a veneer might be the right choice. It is a thin porcelain shell that attaches to the front of the tooth. Much like an artificial fingernail, it can restore the tooth’s shape and appearance. To bond the veneer to the tooth, the dentist will remove a small amount of enamel and etch the tooth so that it is rough.

The right care for your chipped tooth

Chipping a tooth can be painful, uncomfortable, embarrassing and affect your self-image. Are you considering restoring a chipped tooth in the Keller area?

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