Signs You Should Visit Your Dentist


Signs you should visit your dentist

At Dr Nason, DDS provides excellent dental care for the whole family to Keller, TX. The importance of keeping up with regular teeth cleaning appointments twice a year to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Bleeding gums

Most adults will experience some degree of bleeding from their gums at some point during their lifetime. If your gums are bleeding regularly when you brush your teeth and floss, this is a sign of gum disease. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss so you should see the Keller dentist as soon as you notice bleeding gums.

Tooth pain

Here are a few more signs you should visit your dentist. Some toothaches come from pain around your tooth and can get better without a trip to the dentist. Pain from a temporary irritation in the gum can be resolved within a few days. During this time try not to chew around the affected area.

If the tooth pain persists, this could be a sign that you have a significant amount of decay or infection in a tooth or gums. We see many dental patients who put off going to the dentist, scared of the pain associated with dental work. Delaying dental treatment can often mean you will need more extensive and more expensive dental work when you do make an appointment. If you have tooth pain or decay it will only get worse without treatment, so save yourself from more pain by seeing your Keller dentist as soon as you notice tooth pain.

It’s been six months

Even when you don’t have tooth pain or other symptoms, keeping up with regular dental visits for cleanings and exams is essential for the health of your smile. Regular teeth cleanings keep plaque and tartar from building up on the teeth and prevent gum disease, so come see us twice a year for a teeth cleaning and exam!

Ready to visit Leslie Nason DDS so you can take care of your oral health issues and no longer be in pain? We are ready to make an appointment for you so you can come in and have one of our professional dentists perform an evaluation of your mouth so they can fix any oral issues you may be currently experiencing. Understand that there are many new dental technologies available that can make your dental experience quite pleasant. If you are in pain schedule an appointment with the Keller dentist Leslie Nason, DDS or call 817-503-0305 today.

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