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Three Levels of Sedation

sedation sleep dentistry If you're nervous going to the dentist because of painful past experiences, sleep sedation dentistry may be the solution for you. You are not the only patient we've had with dental fears. Dr. Leslie Nason is very sensitive to the needs of patients with fears. She takes time to listen to your concerns which is why Dr. Nason offers three levels of sedation dentistry. The first sedation sleep dentistry is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. This is a mild form of sedation that can completely relax you.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a sedative gas. This form of sedation sleep dentistry involves the patient wearing a mask over their nose during treatment. Nitrous oxide is a fast-acting gas that will quickly put patients at ease. The effect quickly wears off once the mask is removed from the patient.

It helps relieve any stress you feel during dental procedures. Once your dental work is completed, you will be given oxygen to clear your head. The effects of nitrous oxide generally wear off fast, and you'll be functioning normally and will even be able to drive yourself home from your appointment or return to work.

Some patients say they are highly resistant to local anesthetic. One factor that can contribute to this is that the stress from dental anxiety can cause local anesthetic to wear off and be less effective. If this has happened to you in the past, generally a little nitrous oxide will relax you enough that the local anesthetic is able to do its job.

If nitrous oxide isn't strong enough, we are able to do a stronger sedation. Your comfort is important to us. If you have dental anxiety, we can help with sedation sleep dentistry. You may call our office to make an appointment, or you may request an appointment online.

Single Dose Sedation and Nitrous Oxide (Oral Conscious Sedation)

The second option is a single dose oral sedative medication via a pill taken given approximately an hour before treatment with or without nitrous oxide. The vast majority of patients who want or need sedation can be treated safely using this protocol. Under this protocol, medications are administered at the office and combined with nitrous oxide to make you comfortable and anxiety-free during the procedure. With this type of sedation we require that a family member or loved one be present with you at this appointment to safely take you home.

IV Sedation or General Sedation (Board-Certified Anesthesiologist)

A third, stronger form of sedation sleep dentistry is IV sedation. We have a board-certified anesthesiologist administer the IV sedation or General Anesthesia. This is the option we use with our patients who tell us they want to be out during the entire procedure. You will wake up without remembering the procedure, with your dental work completed. The Anesthesiologist in conjunction with the patient will determine which sedation sleep dentistry option will be more ideal between IV sedation and General Anesthesia, based on patient's medical history and other considerations.

Fear isn't the only reason for using a sedation dentist. Often we have patients who use sedation dentistry when they need extensive dental work. It can get both expensive and disruptive to have multiple appointments. It costs you time and income from missed work. With sedation dentistry, you can have several procedures done in the same appointment. With this type of sedation we require that a family member or loved one be present with you at this appointment to safely take you home.

Which Sedation Sleep Dentistry Technique is Right for Me?

We listen and assess to determine what type of sedation is right for you. If you feel anxiety about your treatment, nitrous oxide should be sufficient to help you relax and feel calmer during your time with us. If your fear is more severe, or if you are planning to have multiple procedures performed, oral conscious sedation or IV sedation may be right for you. If you think you might need oral conscious sedation or sleep dentistry (IV sedation or General Anesthesia), please talk to our dental team to discuss your needs and plan for your consultation. An initial meeting will be necessary before your appointment so that we can review your medical history and provide the highest level of care possible.

Dr. Nason will listen to your concerns, assess your needs, and determine which type of sedation sleep dentistry is correct for you. If you want a productive and relaxing dental experience, contact our office to schedule an appointment.


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Does the thought of visiting a dentist make you cringe? Do you wish there was a way you could get the dental care you need while having a comfortable, relaxing experience at the dentist? At Leslie Nason DDS, we understand that dental anxiety is a very real thing and are proud to offer sedation dentistry in Keller, TX for people who need a bit more help relaxing in the dental chair.

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